MLO使用指导:高级同步选项-2.3.6 选项卡中的“按钮”

The following buttons appear on all tabs, and perform the described functions:

OK – Exits the settings dialog and saves the selected settings.
Cancel – Exits the settings dialog without saving any changes.
Preset modes – Lets you change to any of the three preset modes, as described in section 2.3.1.
Import – Allows you to import from a file a set of settings created by another user.
Export – Allows you to save your current settings to a file for use by other users.

确定 – 保存设置,推出对话框。
取消   – 不保存任何变更,并退出对话框
预设模式     – 您可以重新选择3中预设模式的任一种(详见2.3.1“MLO和Outlook同步预设”)
导入   – 允许您通过导入其他用户的配置文件来配置同步方式。
导出   – 允许您导出目前的配置,以供其他用户参考。